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About ArrowTrader.com

ArrowTrader.com is dedicated to enabling its readers in successfully trading securities listed on the various U.S. stock exchanges by pointing out profitable entry and exit points through the shrewd application of technical analysis and experience.

Every year more individuals decide to take personal control of growing their retirement and long-term wealth. Let's face it. Wall Street has consistently disappointed Main Street with lackluster returns and scandal. We, the investing public, have been told over and over again to just "buy and hold". If we stick to this "buy and hold" strategy the stock market will deliver 10% gains over time. Some years less, some years more but over time our nest egg will grow 10% a year.

A 10% growth rate will almost double your money every seven years. Has your wealth doubled? The last ten years have not been good to buy-and-holders. Unless you happen to start investing during the market bottom of 2002 most investors have lost money.

I want you to look at this chart of the S&P 500 index.

What if instead of buying and holding stocks you traded stocks. What if you learned to take advantage of the short-term trends. Do you think you could do better than just "buy and hold"?

The answer is yes. You can do better. The stock market is fueled by two things: fear and greed. A company's fundamentals don't change on a daily basis and yet we constantly see swings of 10% or more in days, and sometimes hours.

Active traders who learn to recognize short-term trading patterns can take advantage of these moves. Instead of waiting a year to hopefully make 10% we can achieve it in days. More importantly, as you gain experience and practice, you'll be able to do it on a regular basis. What if you could make several trades a month with 5%, 10% or even greater gains?

All investment involves risk. Short-term trading is no different. At ArrowTrader.com we seek to actively manage our risk through stop losses and keen insight into a stock's support and resistance levels.

Anyone can benefit from the observations and suggestions provided by ArrowTrader.com. Yet the service may not be for everyone. We will be constantly publishing new buy and sell signals and adjusting stop losses to limit our risk. Our trade updates section is a nightly follow up on stocks in our current portfolio. Plus, we'll be producing a very active watch list so you get an early look at potential candidates.

No one in the market wins 100% of the time. There will be the losses but we have to treat this like a business. The mental toughness to roll with the punches and adjust to what a changing market is doing can be challenging but it can be done.

The stock market is one of the greatest moneymaking opportunities of our lifetime. The road to trading success is not an easy one but it can be satisfying for the agile trader. Join us. Start your free trial today.

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